In 1972, Gaidzag (Kayzak) Zetlian, President of Torino Gourmet, came to America with a small budget and a big mission. His mission was to bring to America the tradition of quality baking that has been passed down throughout his family for generations.

Beginning his entrepreneurial adventure in Hollywood, California, Mr. Zetlian rented a 300 sq. foot location and began baking bread and distributing it himself to local retailers.

Determined to succeed Mr. Zetlian slowly but surely expanded his business to be a supplier to a number of club stores, school districts and supermarket chains throughout California.

Mr. Zetlianís mission didnít stop there; in 2001 he founded Torino Gourmet with the help of his sons and his daughter. To bring you fresh new faces, in addition to over 30 years of experience.

Torino Gourmet is a wholesale food company which includes a full line of Gourmet foods, including specialty Italian Products. Using quality ingredients, traditional family recipes and leaving out the preservatives for our competitors we are determined to provide you with quality products you can taste.

At Torino Gourmet we are always focused on your changing needs. We are determined to keep INNOVATING as well as maintaining the QUALITY of our current products, to fulfill the ever so popular trends in the food industry.